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About SoCal Military News and Views podcast

About “SoCal Military News and Views” podcast

The Veterans Association of North County is a vibrant and dynamic non-profit organization that exists to serve the needs of active duty and military veterans in our community.  Created by veterans for veterans, its mission is to help active-duty service people and their families navigate life during and after their service. 

VANC serves as their one-stop resource for a wide variety of necessities, covering not only their health and wellness, but their practical physical needs as well - both great and small.  Everything from legal assistance to job placement, to housing, food, diapers, bills, emergency car repairs and much, much more.  Additionally, education and training programs are specifically designed to help train and equip service people in their transformation back to civilian life. 

The “A” of VANC stands for “Association”, and we are affiliated with many.  To name a few: The American Legion, Gold Star Wives, Vietnam Veterans of America, Team Rubicon, The Women Marines Association, The Marine Corp League and The Special Forces Association. 

So, with all of that going on, how does a podcast from VANC best serve the military community today?  

Well, it’s all about VANC’s IMPACT…as a catalyst for the military community, as a connector & coordinator within the community and as a champion of the community.  The podcast helps audiences interact with VANC and the community to discover: what is needed?  Who are the people you ought to know?  What can we do to help make things happen in our area?  What are our military people going through?  How do I donate?   What events are happening?  How can I help?

This podcast audience loves to hear the real, honest, and authentic stories of people willing to open up about their lives and experiences.  The truth is, most people are simply not aware of others’ needs and challenges.  This podcast enables the military community to share their stories, their ups and downs, and does so with an authentic, no-nonsense voice, and gives the audience an invitation to build a long-lasting and trusted relationship with VANC and the people they serve. It offers them a roadmap as to how to help and get involved.

Title: SoCal Military News and Views

Publisher: The Veterans Association of North County

Show description (short):  An essential podcast for those who want to know more about the lives and needs of active duty and military veterans in Southern California.

Show description (long):  SoCal Military News is a podcast dedicated to connecting active duty and military veterans with the people of Southern California and around the country.  Join us every week to hear their stories and talk with those passionate souls dedicated to improving their quality of life and to leaving a lasting positive impact in the military community – now and in the future. / Sponsored by Sanders Tech-Ed Foundation / Prepared by